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June 06 2017

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terrifying your own child into submission makes you an abuser.

watching your child cry and screaming at them to stop and invalidating their pain and reasons for crying makes you an abuser.

staring at your child in disgust and contempt after they displease you makes you an abuser.

threatening to your child to take away their basic resources if they don’t give you exactly what you want makes you an abuser.

forcing your child to feel ashamed for not living up to your ideals makes you an abuser.

using slurs, hateful names and insults on your own child without any regard to what it does to their mental health makes you an abuser.

forcing your child to chase impossible expectations and making them feel like they’re worthless for not achieving them makes you an abuser.

acting like your child is a burden and a waste of space and blaming their illness/disability/depression on it makes you an abuser.

behaving like your child will never amount to anything and isn’t worth any resources and nurturing makes you an abuser.

making your child feel like they’re never good enough makes you an abuser.

if your child’s heart is hurting because they know no matter what they do and how hard they try they will always be a failure in your eyes, you are an abuser.

if your child can’t look at themselves without self hatred because they had to look at themselves from your perspective and all they saw is disgust and hatred, you’re an abuser.

If your child is struggling to believe they have the right to live and to be cared and loved, if they can’t stop hearing your hateful voice putting them down and using their every action to prove they’re worthless, you’re an abuser.

If you watched your child in pain and assured them they deserved it, you’re an abuser.

If your child can’t love themselves from how badly you hated them, you’re an abuser.


Edgy Comics™ are OUT comics about found families and the triumph of love over evil are IN





this video is sick as hell but this guy is in a bad way and his paypal link (and almost his whole life story) are in this article. highly recommend reading it

his paypal link is AveBax@gmail.com, he’s trying to get a place for him and his kids to live, please read and donate!

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Lil handy tutorial


Do you ever think about how supermarkets have no clear indicator of time passing visually? Like if u go into a supermarket in the morning or midnight it would look the same, same harsh white lighting. Time isn’t real. Nothing is real. Avocados are half off

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listen!! people who try and pit bi and trans people against lesbian and gay people suck!!!

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I usually don’t give a shit about brand accounts but Keebler’s is really nice because its basically their mascot trying to figure out how technology works and it’s super sweet.

he’s an old little man elf and this warms my heart

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These are the Obama administration’s defining moments told through his social media

As I went through two terms worth of tweets, Instagrams, and Snapchats, I was struck by three qualities that never wavered: A sense of humor, respect for women, and love, in all its forms.


This is how a prominent political figure should represent themselves over social media. In this society, portraying yourself in social media is really important, and if you come off as funny but also respectful, that’s the best. 




an oppressed group saying they hate their oppressors will never be the same as a privileged group saying they hate the marginalized group that they oppress

someone reblogged this & put “@monosexuals” in the tags so i just want to remind you that gay men & lesbians dont oppress bi people.

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